Rental work is a tripartite relationship. If two parties participate in the classic employment relationship – the employee and the employer –then in the case of rental work, the user undertaking participates as athird party (see figure). In the case of temporary agency work, the employer, Minupro, concludes an employment contract with a temporary agency worker, under the direction and supervision of a third party, the user company. Minupro and the user undertaking shall enter into a debt-law agreement which governs the cooperation between them.

What we offer you

Workforce rent is a flexible and profitable way to find labour resources, according to needs and quickly. Minupro OÜ recruits you workersaccording to qualifications and competencies, you can be sure the job isdone. Here are some examples of labour renting.

Time Resource
The company has the ability to focus on core activities and goals.
Time savings
Employers often think, especially in the case of temporary extra work, that “ah, I'll do the job myself” without thinking that it will take their ownworking hours and also their pay.
Avoidance of administrative activities
If people are recruited into the company themselves, there will be anumber of other obligations in addition to the salary – vacations,bonuses, compensation, accounting costs, contract formations, etc.